Tower Cam via Mesh PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF   

Installed one of my Trendnet TV IP110 webcams in a weatherproof box, then installed that inline with my 24dBi dish on a 50' push up pole.

We stopped at 40', because the top was starting to curve over more than we were comfortable with at the time and tied the guys down for now. In the future, we can let out some slack in the guys and go up the last 10'.

With a new rotor on the system, I am able to turn the dish & cam 360 degrees.

And here is some video I shot from the cam while having the rotor turn 360*

As you can see from the view South, I will need that extra 10 feet to get over those trees.
But the West, North, and East view is excellent, especially since the Spring/Summer storms usually come from the Northwest.

And this is a LIVE streaming view from the meshcam, via the mesh to the network and the web server. (the clock in the upper left comes from the camera itself)

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